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  The following lists bugs that were found through our research projects and have been confirmed and/or fixed by the developers.

MySQL Database Server

Bug #67991 - Server crash due to bad "ft_stopword_file"
Bug #67993 - "innodb_log_files_in_group" and "innodb_log_file_size" is not changeable
Bug #68008 - Segmentation fault in performance_schema with history size 0
Bug #68009 - Floating point exception in "insert_events_waits_history_long"
Bug #68025 - Server crash by null pointer dereferencing in mem_heap_create_block()
Bug #67988 - Startup error when innodb_mirrored_log_groups != 1
Bug #67903 - Error return without giving a log message
Bug #68214 - Inconsistency of case sensitivity
Bug #68699 - Unit parsing problem
Bug #74720 - No warn/error message if "log-error" is misconfigured (causing latent log loss)
Bug #75645 - Runtime Error Caused by Misconfigured BackupDataDir
Bug #67576 - Misleading messages at startup time
Bug #67956 - The range of a transport-layer port" is [0, 65535] (unsigned short)
Bug #68055 - Indeterminate behavior due to empty option values
Bug #67944 - Please give a message for "thread_concurrency doesn’t do what you expect"
Bug #67049 - MySQL server allows min>max, causing hard-to-diagnosis misbehavior
Bug #80489 - Very misleading log messages upon failures of file operations
Bug #80542 - Should notify users when ignoring their option files

Apache HTTP Server

Bug 52845 - "DirectoryIndex disabled" cannot disable index files.
Bug 52865 - Crash by segmentation fault in mod_authn_core in Apache-2.4.1
Bug 51991 - Mod_authn_socache seg faults when configured from .htaccess
Bug 52884 - "localhost" leads to start failure
Bug 59558 - Better error messages and configure hints for Berkeley db
Bug 59558 - Better error messages and configure hints for Berkeley db
Bug 59611 - Copy-and-paste error in ldapsearch_check_authorization log
Bug 59612 - Follow the convention of logging "require" directives in mod_authz_host upon expr evaluation failure
Bug 52964 - system error because of negative rate-limit
Bug 54463 - Case sensitive option in mod_auth
Bug 54419 - Case sensitive option in "ErrorDocument"
Bug 54420 - Case sensitive option in "ProxyHTMLFixups"
Bug 54462 - Case sensitive option in "CacheDisable"
Bug 54222 - ServerTokens checking is not complete
Bug 54254 - Check AsyncRequestWorkerFactor to make the checking style consistent
Bug 54311 - The return error is never checked for inappropriate ThreadStackSize
Bug 52852 - A wrong example is given in the manual of "mod_authn_anon"
Bug 52823 - Incorrect semantics of AllowOverrideList in Apache-2.4.1
Bug 54384 - Improve a confusing log message related to LimitRequestLine
Bug 52817 - Long directory path sucks (but it's really a valid path!!!)
Bug 52832 - numerical configuration entry can be mistakenly interpreted without users' awareness
Bug 52877 - The Explanation of MaxMemFree Directive is self-contradictory
Bug 52878 - Broken link of the User directive in mpm event module

Squid Web Proxy Server

Commit ...88139 - Improve Configuration Checking and Parsing
Commit ...58bf7 - Make all the parameter names and options case sensitive
Commit ...d9c5b - if-else for announce_period
Bug 3736 - Floating point exception due to "divide by zero"
Bug 3737 - Another "divide by zero" bug
Bug 3728 - Improve the log message for "squid -z" when "cache_dir" is not configured
Bug 3729 - 32-bit overflow in parsing 64-bit configuration values
Bug 4186 - The mail notification feature is buggy and does not deal with configuration errors
Bug 3727 - LLVM stops and complains for "a=a" like statements
Bug 2765 - icap_preview_size is ignored

Hadoop, HBASE, ZooKeeper, Alluxio, etc

HADOOP-11328 - ZKFailoverController does not log Exception when doRun raises errors
HADOOP-12659 - Incorrect usage of config parameters in token manager of KMS
HADOOP-12671 - Inconsistent configuration values and incorrect comments
HADOOP-13201 - Print the directory paths when ViewFs denies the rename operation on internal dirs
HADOOP-16958 - NullPointerException(NPE) when hadoop.security.authorization is enabled but the input PolicyProvider for ZKFCRpcServer is NULL
HADOOP-16836 - Bug in widely-used helper function caused valid configuration value to fail on multiple tests, causing build failure
HADOOP-16962 - Making `getBoolean` log warning message for unrecognized value
HADOOP-16967 - TestSequenceFile#testRecursiveSeqFileCreate fails in subsequent run
HADOOP-16971 - TestFileContextResolveAfs#testFileContextResolveAfs creates dangling link and fails for subsequent runs
HADOOP-17011 - Tolerate leading and trailing spaces in fs.defaultFS

HDFS-7684 - The host:port settings of the daemons should be trimmed before use
HDFS-7727 - Check and verify the auto-fence settings to prevent failures of auto-failover
HDFS-7726 - Parse and check the configuration settings of edit log to prevent runtime errors
HDFS-9578 - Incorrect default value (typo) in hdfs-default.xml
HDFS-10417 - Improve error message from checkBlockLocalPathAccess
HDFS-10455 - Logging the username when deny the setOwner operation
HDFS-15124 - Crashing bugs in NameNode when using a valid configuration for `dfs.namenode.audit.loggers`
HDFS-15128 - Unit test failing to clean testing data and crashed future Maven test run
HDFS-15193 - Improving the error message for missing `dfs.namenode.rpc-address.$NAMESERVICE`
HDFS-15250 - Setting `dfs.client.use.datanode.hostname` to true can crash the system because of unhandled UnresolvedAddressException
HDFS-15438 - Setting dfs.disk.balancer.max.disk.errors = 0 will fail the block copy
HDFS-15439 - Setting dfs.mover.retry.max.attempts to negative value will retry forever
HDFS-15443 - Setting dfs.datanode.max.transfer.threads to a very small value can cause strange failure

YARN-2832 - Wrong Check Logic of NodeHealthCheckerService Causes Latent Error
YARN-4500 - Missing default config values in yarn-default.xml
YARN-5793 - Trim configuration values in DockerLinuxContainerRuntime

HBASE-13167 - The check for balancerCutoffTime is buggy
HBASE-15026 - The default value of "hbase.regions.slop" in docs is obsolete
HBASE-23702 - `hbase.hstore.flusher.count` setting to 0 breaks HMaster
HBASE-23962 - Wrong combination of hlog reader and writer could crash regionserver
HBASE-24207 - Wrong input argument order in TestCompactorMemLeak#assertMajorCompactionOK

ZOOKEEPER-2082 - Mistype of electionAlgo can fill out your disk in minutes
ZOOKEEPER-3721 - Making the boolean configuration parameters consistent

TACHYON-1401 - Name Inconsistency of "tachyon.max.table.metadata.byte" between docs and tachyon-default.properties
TACHYON-1402 - Parameter inconsistency between docs and default properties
ALLUXIO-3402 - Backward compatibility for enum-typed configuration for parameter alluxio.user.file.metadata.load.type
ALLUXIO-10767 - Setting `alluxio.master.mount.table.root.ufs` to relative path will crash the master

ACCUMULO-4519 - System permission bugs in Thrift Proxy

PostgreSQL Database Server

BUG #7624 - Misleading Log Message & Inconsistent Configuration Design
BUG #7858 - Inaccurate Log Message
BUG #0000 - Manual Entries of commit_delay and commit_siblings are not complete.

VSFTP Server

- Fix various NULL crashes with nonsensical config settings. Noted by Tianyin Xu<tixu@cs.ucsd.edu>

Redis KV Store

ISSUE-688 - invalid dbfilename causes failure forever
ISSUE-689 - "vm-page-size 0" crashes redis

Kubernetes Operators


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